Emma Williams

Personal Trainer/Bootcamp, Yoga & Metafit Instructor

My name is Emma, I became a training early 2015 after the birth of my second daughter. I jumped in to KFiTT after being a participant for so many years and fell in love with fitness all over again in a whole new light! I shared a little of my story over on the blog page where you will see a picture of me nearing 100kg, I am still on my journey with 30kg lost so far. I love sharing that journey with others trying to get fit, lose weight or simply stay active! Sharing my knowledge and gaining yours is what makes finding the path to a healthy lifestyle so much fun 🙂 As well as leading this lifestyle for myself I have loved the positive affect it has had on my 2 amazing daughters Lily born in 2011 is keen to do her first triathlon and Scarlett born in 2014 manages the perfect squat 😉 My husband and I have moved around a bit with his previous ADF job and now are looking to settle ourselves in Charleville for our next adventure! I have been no stranger to travel as seen below in Kim’s bio (my mum!) my early days were also spent in different states and countries. I am always up for a challenge and look forward to helping transform and improve lives of women everywhere!

Kim Bradley

Personal Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor

Hi, my name is Kim Bradley and this is where you get to know a little about me and why I do what I do.  Why I am so passionate about exercise and helping others find their ‘Mojo’ too!

At the ripe old age of 30 :-), I thought I had done it all, achieved all I wanted, accomplished all my dreams, so what more could I possibly do?  I truly thought – this is it! So I had a moment and shed a few tears, then finally realised that now the dreams of my youth were accomplished,  it was time to start on my dreams for the future!

An opportunity came my way to be one of the first to participate in a ‘Gym Instructors’ Course in the small town of Port Hedland and so I jumped at the chance. This was the seed to my future dream of becoming a personal trainer to women, where I could nurture and help them grow. I had it all worked out, but as you know sometimes life throws you a curve ball and so I had to put this dream on hold.  My husband was offered a ‘too good to be true’ job in the land of the unexpected – Papua New Guinea. This delay turned out to my advantage, because now I had the greatest lesson of all – life experience!

So after a few years, a lot of intense exercise and some soul searching, with the added not so gentle push from hubby and most importantly support from my family, I finally took the last step to fulfilling my dream of becoming a Personal Trainer at AIF!  That was in 2007.

The best parts of being a Personal Trainer; seeing the joy on a clients face when they do more than they thought they possibly could, the knowledge that you are constantly learning every single day and the absolute bliss of working in the great outdoors! It doesn’t get much better than this!

I love a challenge and I love to challenge you!

So come and join me for your next challenge 🙂