The Key to your Weight Loss

This month my focus is on nutrition. We will never reap the full benefits of all our hard work put into our Bootcamp, Boxing or Run Club sessions if we are shoveling in all the wrong foods surrounding it.

We need to make sure our bodies are getting enough food to support an active lifestyle. But we need to be getting enough of the right foods!

Specific diets vary depending on what you are trying to achieve i.e. gain muscle, lose weight, maintain weight etc. but without getting too technical let’s just cover the basics that can help us get our nutrition in check.

One of my main issues is organisation. Two kids, one with lots of extra curricular activities, working full time with some study thrown in walk through the door at 5pm with no dinner planned…. doesn’t usually end in the healthiest option!

If you have the time to pre-prepare meals then fantastic! If not then set aside a time every week to plan the week’s meals, do your grocery shopping and be prepared. If you’re walking in the door at 5pm have food ready to cook and a plan of what’s for dinner then there is no excuses to dial for a pizza!

My second problem is, if there is junk in my fridge/cupboards….I will eat it. So it’s time for a kitchen makeover. Take all junk food/naughty foods that could tempt you and throw them out! If it’s not there, you can’t eat it!!!

So with cleaning out our kitchen and being prepared, next comes the question: what do we eat?

Honestly we all know the answer, may not like it but the recommendations have always been pretty much the same. The basic food pyramid! 5-6 serves of veg, 2 serves of fruit and the rest? Well everything in moderation!!! How can you go wrong with that?? See the picture of the food pyramid below for more details but along as you are getting your essential greens eat everything else in moderation and you will be juuuust fine 🙂


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