It All Started With A Lawn Mower…

The last few weeks have been an absolute rollercoaster, for both the entire family and myself. There is NEVER a dull moment!! My latest dramatic event happened two weeks ago. While home sick with my youngest daughter Scarlett (6mths) I decided to stop sitting around feeling sorry for myself and be productive! My answer to that was to mow my well over due lawn…a decision I’m now regretting!! As I finished the mow and turned off the mean machine, before it had stopped I took of the catcher and went to scoop up the cut grass. I was a little too eager and my finger did a dance with the blade! 24hrs, 1 surgery and way too many stitches later my finger is properly attached and in a splint.


With a constantly sick house hold and broken finger, the mowing of the lawn was the last bit of physical activity I have had in the last fortnight then throw Easter in the middle…well my nutrition has had its down points too!!


With zero exercise and less than perfect nutrition, other than feeling like crap! I have found the following:


  1. The less exercise I do, the lazier I feel. Meaning it is even harder to get back to it!
  2. The more sugary, processed foods I eat, the worse I feel and the more crappy food I crave!


It is an endless, destructive cycle, the more you eat, the less you do, the less you do, and the more you eat!


The biggest problem for so many people (myself included!) is getting out of this slump. How do we find the motivation after a bad trot to get back on the horse and keep going? I have spent years trying to come up with the answer and while some things may help e.g. support from friends and family or an inspirational quote that really speaks to you. There is no secret trick, if you don’t feel like eating right or doing a workout, take a few breaths, think about how you will feel after your workout vs. how you will feel after eating that big mac…now *tough love* suck it up and make the right choice! It’s not easy. I know that. There are days when I really don’t feel like moving! But I suck it up, pack up the kids and head off to Bootcamp. After the class, I’m in a better mind frame, I have more energy and I’m more inclined to go grab a salad over a burger! Plus I know that if I put in the effort to take that hour for myself and go hard in that workout for the rest of the day, I’m a better Mum. Instead of throwing on the TV and begging the kids just to sit down, be quiet and watch telly! I’m taking them to the park or doing craft! Your overall quality of life will improve dramatically and then there will soon come a day where you’re not forcing yourself to choose salad over a burger or workout over couch time, you will wake up before your alarm and have your runners on! You will be craving veggies and home cooked meals instead of chocolate and take out and you will love every second of it!!!

I’m not saying you won’t have your bad days. I will too, we are human after all! We are not perfect but make the right choices and we can be pretty damn close!!


We are on this journey together. It’s a life long journey not a quick fix – so enjoy it. Enjoy every step and get the most out of every day 🙂

I’d love to hear all about your journey, your struggles, and your accomplishments – share them all, you never know whom your inspiring!


Happy Training Ladies!!

Emma xx

3 Responses to It All Started With A Lawn Mower…

  1. K-Fitt PT says:

    It is dangerous! Can’t see myself mowing the lawn any time in the near future thats for sure!!
    Im the opposite, I can go without chocolate but Pepsi Max is my weakness!
    This weeks weather is shocking! Will be very glad when its over but am still trying to keep my workouts up, feel so much better when I do! Giving up the soft drink is a great step, don’t under value it. One small step at a time and you will achieve great things! Good Luck!! x

  2. Claudia says:

    Ahhh so many typos! I don’t have a maid. I meant myself

  3. Claudia says:

    Ouchies! I knew doing chores was dangerous! I am in that slump. I’ve managed to stop maid from drinking soft drink but I can’t stop thinking about chocolate. I managed to exercise last week and this week’s weather is a convenient excuse not to do so.

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