Big Box Gym vs Outdoor Training

Besides the obvious indoors vs. outdoor what is the difference between going to a gym vs. going to outdoor training like KFiTT. I will be honest there are pros and cons for both. I myself have used both services and I am going to tell you my experiences of Gyms and Outdoor training classes, what I believe to be the pros and cons of each.

I started using gyms after I had my first daughter. I was in a different state to my family and friends and my husband was away with the army more often than not. I looked up a few mums and bubs bootcamps in the hope of making new friends and getting active in one but with none in the area I found the closest, cheapest gym with a crèche and signed up. For one hour every morning I went in and potted around the gym while Lily was in the crèche. So many times I had the crèche staff come out and ask me to come get Lily after 20min (I had a very clingy child who would go nuts if I left the room!) It was good for a while but after a few months I dropped off….There was so many people in the gym, yet it was still such an anti-social environment. I tried a few classes and though I would never walk out of a class myself, I saw people walk out whenever they please, whenever they’d had enough and there was no one to stop them, no one to support them through the class. Through this, I liked that even on the rainiest days I could still comfortably go in and do my workout and I liked that I could use whatever cardio and strength equipment I could get my hands on.

After moving back to Sydney I came back to Bootcamp. The first thing that made a massive difference to me was the crèche…it was right in front of me, Lily could see me, she would not stress out, I was free to do my workout in peace while she watched from the sidelines and played with the other kids. The second thing was the social side – Although I still did classes in the gym, there was n talking, no socialisation, it was silent. Coming to Bootcamp the girls work hard, talk, laugh and enjoy themselves! Being locked at home all day talking to either a wall or a baby (both of which had the same level of conversation) it was a blessing. Mainly for my mental health! I also think I worked harder. There was a competitiveness I never knew I had that came to life! Another side of things is the weather, obviously training outdoors there is the rain, wind, and other natural elements – although there is shelter at most ovals it does take that little extra motivation to get out of bed and get going. The price of outdoor training is also generally higher than gyms and before starting I tried to rack my brain around why that was, as price was also a key player in my decision making of where to train. It wasn’t until after I started that I figured it out – Its not just exercise, its personal training. Its social, it pushes me and being small classes the trainer takes the time to adjust exercises if I have an injury, or can’t do something and finds a harder version if I need to be pushed. The exercises always vary, no two workouts are the same – so unlike with my same daily routine at the gym, I don’t get bored. The biggest thing for me was it got me out of a hole. I had bad PND after my first daughter; my mental and physical health was suffering. The worse my physical health got, the worse my mental health would get and the worse my mental health was the less likely I was to do anything about my physical health. It was an endless, vicious cycle. The socialisation and exercise I got from joining Bootcamps did wonders for both sides of my health and in turn I became a better mother. Now after the birth of my second daughter I have amped up my training and am making my way through my fitness courses to become an outdoor PT myself.

All in all you can see both Gyms and Outdoor Training have pros and cons. When it comes down to it mine is only one view and each individual will have different experiences, needs, goals, situations and preferences. When it comes down to it, whichever option works for you is the right option. As long as you are being active you are on the right path 🙂

I would love to hear about your experiences! Comment below with your thoughts on the matter 🙂

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