Now..What’s your choice?

There has been a lot of media attention of late for ‘fitness motivators’ they motivate, don’t train. Their aim is just to get people up and active, living a healthy lifestyle. Some are quite harsh, loud, yell their passion for all to hear. Others take a more gentle approach and throw kindness your way to whim you in to getting off the couch. Personally if your laying down the hard truth I’m a hell of a lot more likely to hear it! But I know this can be daunting for some. Any way you do it if someone hears your message and makes a change for the better then you are doing an amazing job and changing lives. Whether it be one life or thousands, it is an improvement to the health of our nation.

I will never tell you that you are too fat, too skinny, too anything – because we are all different, there is no two ways about it, we are like snow flakes there are no two people that will be completely the same. You might have different bone structure, health issues, likes, dislikes, habits etc but the second they become an excuse to live a crappy lifestyle that is when I will tell you to suck it up, build a bridge and get over it. I’ve known people who look 20kg overweight yet live better healthier lives then the skinny fast food addicted, couch potato next to them. I don’t care what you look like, only how you live. Get off the couch even if just for a 20min walk everyday, it is better than nothing! Cut the crap in your diet, get rid of all the sugar fuel and start eating long lasting nutritious fuels! It’s not easy but it IS worth it. I’m not overly harsh, but I am honest. I am kind, but I don’t sugar coat. Like every other ‘fitness motivator’ I will not appeal to everyone. But if one person after reading, listening or spending time with me makes the decision to stop making excuses and get active then this will have been worth it!

I have been the one making the excuses, so I know how easy that path is. I’m too busy, I work too early/late, the kids won’t let me, I’m too tired, I don’t have the energy….the list goes on and is endless but the truth is until you start eating right and moving you will never have the energy. Bad diet and lazy habits drain you and before long it is an endless cycle that kills your energy, your enthusiasm and your passion. One day I looked down at the scales, I was nearing 9mth pregnant with my first daughter and was about to hit triple figures on the scales. But I was pregnant right? So don’t stress…No, I started at 60kg…I had put on a whopping 35kg (it is recommended to put on between 10-14kg) 4yrs and 2 kids later I’m still not back to that 60kg but I am well on my way and can guarantee that I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I make the right choices and set the right example for my girls. My body has changed and I may never get back there but I am healthy and happy and strong. Which is everything I want them to be. They will never know the pain of being bullied for their size, they will never feel the tears caused from a nasty schoolyard or feel lonely in the playground because they will be healthy, they will be strong and they will be confident. If I can do it, you can too. It is never too late to make a positive change. It is never too late to choose a new path. Life is short, make sure you are getting the most out of it and living the best quality life while you’re here.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Train Hard.


Emma xx

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