Mums in Fitness

We at KFiTT are all mothers and all have a passion for Fitness. One too many times I have heard from mothers that working out is selfish, taking an hour for yourself to ‘just’ go for a run is not fair to their kids. I’m here to tell you, your wrong. I have been a victim of this way of thinking myself and it leads to a miserable household. After the birth of my second daughter, sitting in my midwifes room, on the verge of falling back down the path of PND he looked me in the eye and said:

‘YOU are the centre of your household. If you are unhappy then NOONE in your household can be happy. Everyone plays an important role, in every family, BUT the happiness of your family depends solely on you, and this can not be achieved unless you take some time for yourself to MAKE yourself happy.’

You can’t hold the weight of the world on your shoulders for an eternity, every now and then you need to share the load. Take a break, let off some steam. Taking an hour for yourself to get active will not only have benefits for you but your ENTIRE family. Here are just a few:
– You will have more energy – not only is this fantastic for you, but it means the time you do spend with your kids will be fun, quality time!
– Release stress – Being a mother is the hardest job in the world, we NEED a way to relieve stress, build it up and you will end up taking out all your ` frustrations on your nearest and dearest.
– Be a positive role model – your kids watch everything! Lead by example 🙂
– Regular physical activity improves your health – meaning you will be around to see your kids grow!

The list of benefits could honestly go on and on. I can tell you that it will benefit your kids and your family as much as yourself. How do I know this? Not only am I a mum in fitness but I am a child with two active parents! So I have seen it from both sides. I have watched my parents train and compete in some incredible events. They are strong. They are powerful. To me they are superheroes. I truly don’t believe there is anything they can not do. I will train to be like them, I will train so that one day my girls may view me as a superhero too! Plus it is an amazing feeling to have your 4yr old daughter not come up and ask if she can watch TV but ask if she can go for a run with you!!

Train hard ladies, you never know who is watching 🙂





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