My new best friend – the iPhone!

These days nearly everyone has a smart phone. I myself couldn’t operate without my iPhone! To the point I have become extremely dependent on it. Is this a good thing? Honestly, I’m not sure, BUT, it does stops me feeling guilty because I forgot something, or someone, I’m less stressed and can fit a hell of a lot more into my day because I’m more organised.

*Unless of course I forget to put it in my phone 🙂

For and foremost is my Calendar with its wonderful little alarm. This keeps me on track and on time and far less forgetful!  Now not only do I have in there the obvious client appointments, doctors appointments, birthdays etc, but my reminders to do my own exercise, take my supplements, drink my water, walk the dog, eat! Yes these are the most basic everyday things that we probably shouldn’t need a reminder for, BUT, our lives these days are so much more hectic and busy that it’s the simple things in life that get forgotten. If I could have a dollar for everytime someone told me “I was so busy I forgot to eat!”

Now I love to research and find out what is new out there, and finding new apps for my iphone is no exception.  Believe me, everyday there is a few thousand new iPhone apps for this, that and the other!  With regards to health and fitness, there are so many wonderful apps that I would highly recommend you try out for yourself. I’m sure whatever you can think of, there would be an app for it!


So what do I use and what are my favourites?  My most used app is the trusty Nike+gps. I love this app and use it for every run and walk that I do. Not only does it map out my route, it tells me how far I’ve gone, how fast, calories used, I can have music playing or not, and then it sends all the data to your online account where it stores all for you to track. There is so much more that this particular app does, that you won’t be disappointed.

I also like to cycle, so I use iMap my ride+, which is very similar to the Nike+gps, except for cycling. It tracks my route, lets me know my speed, distance, pace, counts laps, and pace of each lap, then saves all data to an online account to track every cycle I have completed. So cool to see overtime your improvements from day one!


Another must is my Gymboss interval timer. It has preset timers for Tabata training (the ultimate 20 sec work 10 sec rest workout), 1 minute interval training, boxing intervals, stopwatch as well as the option to create your own timers. It’s fabulous!

Then you can get so many different exercise apps – 1000Xercises, 100 pushups, US army Bootcamp, fitness pro, beatburn treadmill, ab workouts, arm workouts, butt workouts, yoga spot, easy gym log, army fitness, kicks40, workouts, just to name a few.

Some really good apps for diet and calorie recording that I would recommend  are myfitnesspal, 8700, mynetdiary, calorie king, cal counter, and food switch.

Now other apps I use or checked out, with regards to health and fitness are sports injury clinic – I love this one as I refer to it when I have a niggle or pain in the body and kind of self diagnose how serious it is and how quickly to get to a physio or not. It also covers treatment you can give yourself and possible treatment from doctor, as well rehab exercises for recovery. My BMI, so you can see where you stand with your BMI. Withings app, which I love as this records my weight, bmi, lean body mass and body fat, as well as date and time of weigh in. Your only catch here, is that you need the Withings scales. Better Health, is an Australian based app which informs you about different health conditions, treatments and first aid. Very informative.  Sugar guide, is a very basic and quick run down on sugar content in australian foods. Also tells you the different types of sugar and their number code found on nutritional information panels. iGoalinformer, where you input your current weight and your goal weight and date to achieve, it then tells you kilojoules you need to attain that and whether it is possible or not. There are heart rate monitors, where you use the camera to take your heart rate. Health tip of the day, think this one speaks for itself. Zazen, is an app to help you take time out to meditate, to breathe and relax. Nature sounds, is another to help you relax. Along with meditate karma.

Now these are just a few that I have tried out. There are so many more out there that are probably better, worse or just the same. I would love to hear which ones you use and recommend.  I’m always looking for a new fabulous app!

Happy apping folks 🙂

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