Do You Lack Energy?

Today we are going to talk about ‘energy management’.  This is a term that I came across in 2013, and was instantly interested. Energy management? What do you mean? I don’t have boundless energy like I used to in my teenage years and early 20s….Until that discussion I had been finding myself reaching for the strongest caffeinated tea you could find and even dabbled a little with a couple of energy drinks. What did I find?

Funny enough, I was still tired and lacking energy. In fact, I found caffeine started having the opposite effect and I’d be waking up more tired. Why? Well, I am not a scientist or a dietician, but I think the answer is pretty simple. Even though our lives are fast paced and technology never sleeps, and it seems the world is never resting, we are still fundamentally (a result of evolution) an organism that requires rest and recovery! I thought to myself, well….I have plenty of rest. I sit in the car on the way to work, I sit down at night for some television, and I get to bed and sleep for 6-8 hours each night. But I was still tired! What was I missing?

The fix is not easy, and here is my opinion. Truly free your mind and get rest. When watching TV, or so-called ‘doing nothing’, be sure to truly disconnect from ‘mindless’ surfing of gadgets (iPhones / iPads / etc etc etc). Although I thought it was harmless, I was actually winding my brain up…”what can I do next in my business, I should Google how to…., I wonder what my competitors are up to, OMG my friend is doing so much with their life (just check their Facebook profile)”….sound familiar? To me that is not rest, and starts to unravel your energy. Ever woken at 2am or 3am? Again, I am not a doctor, but the only times I have done that is when THERE IS SOMETHING ON MY MIND…..

I thought exercise would cure that, after all apparently exercise is great for stress. All I found is that I had no energy to train hard, or if I did train hard I would have soreness for days. The rest was not doing its trick, and because I was more tired than usual my discipline in my diet was falling by the wayside. My determination was dropping…..I found myself eating bad, drinking a little more than usual, and feeling like I was surviving, not THRIVING…..


What have I done about it, well I have realised that exercise is more important than going through the motions. It is about sense of satisfaction, sense of achievement and truly relieving some stress by having fun! I have learnt to disconnect from the world of apps and technology after a certain time each day. I have also learnt not to take too much on.

(Well I am still learning, it can be a slow process )

So…recommendations from a non doctor/ scientist/ dietician 😉 Enjoy your workouts, and try to make them fun (sounds like a great idea to IMG_0054join KFiTT Bootcamp to me – we are always smiling). Ensure your workouts are balanced and overtraining is avoided (or join Bootcamp where we work all that out for you 😉 ).

Prioritise your day and be honest as to what can be achieved each day. After each day at work, connect with your loved ones (not technology and its modern side effect of voyeurism). And at the end of each day, give yourself some YOU TIME.  As for the caffeine and other stuff in energy drinks….use them for a buzz rather than a daily crutch.

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