What are your goals for the new year?

We are so excited to be sharing our first blog post and being as it is the beginning of the January 2015 (can you believe!) and everyone will be setting their New Years resolutions into play we thought we would talk about Goal Setting!! It also happens to be our monthly focus for January.

I know I have had the same ‘New Years Resolutions’ for well..at least the last 5yrs and have yet to accomplish them…’get organised, increase bank balance, decrease waist line (always manage to get those two mixed up)’ so this year I’m going to set myself up for success instead of Dreaming and not doing!

I believe the keys to achieving your goals are:

  1. Be specific in the goals you set (eg you don’t want to learn to run, you want to be able to run 5k without a break!)

  1. Make yourself accountable – share your goals with friends, family, social media – your much more likely to stick to it if everyone knows what your trying to achieve!

  1. Don’t bombard yourself – if you have a handful of goals start with small changes – when you are comfortabe with the first change and it has become routine, then you can add in another small change. Start small.

  1. Make small goals that lead up to your big goals! Small victories will keep you motivated and on track to reach your main goal.

  1. Reminders – whether you use an inspiration board, post-its etc have reminders everywhere, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, your phone! Place reminders of your goals, whats inspiring you, why you want to achieve them and how they will make you feel when achieved all over so you will never forget 🙂

I’m going to set myself up for success this year and follow ALL of the above!! So my first step is picking my goals and making myself accountable – so I will share them with you! I’m planning on a big year – these are my goals:

  1. Lose 18kg (get back to pre-baby weight!!)
  2. Compete in at least one triathlon
  3. Run 10km
  4. Keep my chaotic house and children organised!
  5. Complete my cert 3+4 in Fitness
  6. Spend more quality time with my girls 🙂

If this list doesn’t keep me busy nothing will!! But I will make small changes, celebrate the small victories on the way and not let myself forget what I’m working towards!

But now it’s your turn! Share with us your New Years Resolutions and let’s see if we cant keep each other on track!

Emma x

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