What’s YOUR motivation?

So we have our goals for this glorious New Year! The next important step is planning how we are going to achieve them. We already have the basics on making our goals reachable, now we have to make a fool proof plan and put it into action! A goal without a plan is like a plant without water – it doesn’t work, and sooner or later it wilts and dies. But that won’t happen to us!

For all those that have similar goals to me you can join me in starting the 28 Day ‘NEW YOU’ Challenge – with the ‘Dream It, Believe It, Do It’ motto it’s perfect to get us started on our road to success.

To many people jump on the fad diet and quick fix bandwagon come new year, the truth is every diet will work…but not for long. So many diets restrict calories, depriving the body of much needed nutrients, and they will often not involve regular physical activity. The short term results may be great, but in the long term you will probably end up weighing more than when you started and being no healthier for it. K-FiTT is all about lifestyle changes, eating the right foods in the right amounts, everything in moderation. And regular physical activity. We don’t do quick fixes, we do hard work for lifetime results.

Which is exactly what I want! A healthy lifestyle that I can model for my girls so they can grow up with these habits set in their daily routines 🙂 we all have our own reasons for wanting to make positive changes. For me I can think of no better reason than to raise my two beautiful girls the healthiest way possible. What’s your reasons/motivation?


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