Do you have the support you need?

Do you have the support you need?

It’s so hard to make positive changes when those you are closest to are set in their ways and don’t want to change.

I am surrounded by good influences, my mother as you know is a personal trainer and my father is a keen triathlete so I have people to look to. But at home it’s a different story, my husband loves his fast food and after a long day at work wants nothing more than to sit on the couch and watch TV. These two things can form very bad habits and create a vicious cycle. The worse you eat the less energy you have, the less exercise you do…it goes round and round.

If you have a similar situation whether it be in your house, your work place or your social circle my recommendation would be to approach it straight on. Let the negative influences know your goals, your plans and how important they are too you.

My husband was taught nothing but bad habits from the get go, so it will be a hard journey for him, but he has committed to making these positive changes with me, for the good of our health and our children’s health. For him this is a massive commitment.

We are making small positive changes to work ourselves in to our new healthy lifestyle. Eg.

-On the mornings we know we are starting work later we set the alarm an hour early and do a workout together.

-We sit down once a week and plan our meals for the week.

– We plan, quick, healthy meals (this leaves no excuses to grab fast food on busy days as all meals are quick to prepare and planned in advance)

– Nights that we aren’t working late, we grab the pram and take the girls for a walk around the block.

These are all small steps but put together will make a huge difference to our lives. We can build up on these later but for now we can focus on perfecting each of these small steps.

Another great support is getting your friends on board. Working out with a friend will keep you motivated and on track!

So if your loved ones are standing in your way, let them know! You will be surprised how willing they are to help you along your way. And if they continue to spread their negative vibes, some distance might be the answer!!!

Everyone deserves the chance at a healthy, happy, life!


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