Help Keep Our Youth Off The Streets!

So many of the KFiTT Girls have children, those who don’t know someone, a friend or sister that has children of their own. We would never want to see these children without a roof over their head or having to struggle for food…Would we?

Unfortunately for hundreds of Aussie kids this is their reality. You can imagine the rollercoaster of events a young person would go through should they be found living on the streets. There would be no education, no food, no job opportunities; access to drugs & alcohol, the outlook for their future would be looking pretty dim. This is where youth off the streets comes in. Youth off the Streets helps these kids get a higher education, helps them learn valuable life skills, get job ready and help them find a safe place to stay.

I would like to think if my kids were ever in that situation, there would be somewhere for them to turn and get help. No child should ever be without support, food or a warm bed. For this reason this year KFiTT Personal Trainings annual Christmas Charity Bootcamp will be raising money for Youth off the Streets. KFiTT will be running a Boxing Class 7am Saturday 12th December 2015 where 100% of money collected will go directly to Youth off the Streets to help all children see a brighter future!

Please feel free to share this event, everyone is welcome, you do not have to be a KFiTT member to join in! Men, Women and Kids who would like to participate are all welcome 🙂

Date: Saturday 12th December 2015

Time: 7am-8am

Place: Boronia Park Oval, Hunters Hill Corner of Park Road and Ryde Road – Parking on Park Road)

Cost: $15 per person

What to Bring: Water Bottle and Santa Hats are a Must! 🙂


If you cant make the event but would still like to help out a great cause, head over to to show your support 🙂

Rules to Live By…

Over the last few weeks I have completed a YogaFit Instructor course. I must admit I walked into the course thinking, ‘Yoga – few poses, can’t be much to it!’…boy was I wrong!!! 10hrs a day for 6 days I left my girls before they woke, got home after they had gone back to bed. During those 60hrs I practiced hours of yoga, learnt the anatomy and alignment of the human body, communication and language of yoga, types of breathing, how to structure and implement a yoga class to the fitness community and well honestly the list is endless! They call these courses ‘intensive’ for a reason as I discovered very quickly!!

I learnt an astonishing amount during the six day course but here are just a few points I pulled that I found rather inspirational and would like to share with you. First my own experience. I have practiced Yoga on and off for a decade, and have always wanted to teach yoga but the following thoughts held me back:
* I can’t / have no interest in meditating..
* I don’t have the body of a Yoga instructor
* I’m not flexible enough
I could go on and on listing flaws that I thought meant I could not be a Yoga instructor. Then I did the YogaFit course. YogaFit is all about making Yoga accessible to every body with every type of body! It is about letting go of competition, judgement and expectations and allowing yourself to just stay in the moment and get to know your body. I became very aware of my body during the course, in just six days I started to notice little things – my posture, the slump I have always had, I became aware of and started trying to correct. My diet, I started grabbing an apple for a snack instead of an overly processed easy grab muesli bar. I was noticing how I treated my body and how It effected me. I’m not saying Yoga will fix all your unhealthy habits but it will make you aware of them and you will find yourself naturally cutting down on them the more regularly you practice.

There are some concepts within the Yoga practice that I found fantastic as general ‘rules to live by’ – The Yamas & Niyamas are your ethical guidelines. The Yamas relate to how we treat those around us – non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, non-excess and non-possessiveness while the Niyamas relate to how we treat ourselves – Purity, Contentment, self-discipline, self-study and surrender. These ‘guidelines’ are not there to stop us from living but rather to open life up to us. Living by these simple precepts you will find your days feel a little lighter, we like ourselves a little more, and even find work more enjoyable ? We all have our bad days, but making a conscious effort to treat ourselves and others with joy and respect, in my opinion can bring nothing but positive things.

I loved both the physical and mental health benefits I gained from practicing Yoga and would love to share the practice with everyone else. This being the case KFiTT will be offering YogaFit classes starting the 28th March, on Saturday mornings at 8.30am from Boronia Park Oval . Whats more – for the first 8 weeks the class will only be $5 and ALL money collected will be donated to Outrun Cancer – A not-for-profit organisation that encourages people to take action against cancer and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We all have to start somewhere and well – there is no time like the present!



outdooryoga_2 copyBy Emma Williams

Christmas Charity Boxing Bootcamp


Christmas is the time for giving and we at KFiTT Personal Training are getting into the Christmas spirit!

KFiTT will be holding a Charity Boxing Bootcamp – It will be a 1hr Boxing Class, $15 for the session held at Boronia Park Oval, Hunters Hill and ALL proceeds will be going to the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation




We want you to get into the Christmas spirit as well, so dress-up! I want to see an oval filled with boxing Santa’s, Elves and Angels – and I’m sure the Children at the Sydney Childrens Hospital would love to see it too

 All are welcome, the more the merrier!! Help us raise money for this great cause!!

 We will also have a donations box @ every Saturday session in December to collect food, decorations, clothes, toys etc for North Ryde Community AidKFiTT has always supported the North Ryde Community Aid Christmas Appeal and would love to continue our support with your help! So any contribution would be much appreciated

We look forward to seeing you there – Get a great workout, for a great cause!!

Charity Bootcamp!!!

Next month K-FiTT Personal Training will be running a Charity Bootcamp with 100% of the funds raised going to The Kid’s Cancer Project.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an Australian charity focused on finding cures for childhood cancer. Ultimately, finding a cure is about saving children’s lives and ending the heartbreak childhood cancer brings to so many families. It is time consuming, painstaking specialist work, and it is an area where more money really does make all the difference. Any donation they receive is a valuable contribution.

So how can you help?


  1. Spread the word! The more the merrier. It’s going to be a fun morning!
  2. Register to participate in the bootcamp by donating the session fee at
  3. Or if you can’t do the Bootcamp session, please make a very much appreciated donation at


Now the all important details!

When: Saturday April 6th

Time: 7am – 8am

Where: Boronia Park, Park Road, Hunters Hill

Cost: $15 p/p

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me! If you can help in any way on the day, that too would be very much appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

Here is just one child’s story and why we want to help.

Meet Oscar. He’s three and facing the biggest challenge of his life!

**Everyday Hero will be processing all the donations, issuing you tax deductible receipts instantly via email and then will be depositing the money directly to The Kids’ Cancer Project bank account.**