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“Together we can improve our lives and spread the joy of health and happy living!”

Many of you will know Kim – owner/operator of KFiTT Personal Training but with handing of the reigns to myself Im sure many of you are asking how I am going to help you get the results you are after. To do that I would like to tell you briefly about my own journey. The obstacles crossed and the results achieved. The struggle of weight loss and dieting has been a struggle from too young an age. But in Year 9 I managed to get my ‘A’ into ‘G’ and lose 15kg (75kg to 60kg) I felt amazing and managed to keep it off for 6yrs…then I fell pregnant.

Starting at 60kg I managed to put on a whopping 37kg the photo below shows me at approx. 90kg – Add an extra 7kg to that and I was no small lass (no cameras were allowed near me at that point!!). Suffering with sever PND after birth for about 3yrs (which is a whole other story!) made the weight-loss journey no easier. I managed to get down to 75kg before I fell pregnant with my second child. Back up to 97kg I got! About 2wks after birth I got back into Walking & Bootcamps (taking it easy of course!) and not long after that started studying to become a Personal Trainer myself. With the help of Kim and some very hard work on my part I finished my certificates and shed 28kg. I am still on my journey to become the best version of me and as I continue to learn and grow the path becomes longer and more exciting each day.

So how do I know my methods work? Because I tried and tested them on myself and have never been happier 🙂 I invite you to take your journey with me. Together we can improve our lives and spread the joy of health and happy living!

Emma x

Emma Williams