‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’

I have just watched this movie with extremely high hopes – ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ starring Sarah Jessica Parker is about a mother of two young kids who has a full on, full time job that involves lots of travel and time! We see how she juggles kids parties, school bake sales along with corporate meetings and interstate travel. I thought FANTASTIC finally a movie that will give me hope, show me we can do it all! Perfect mother, wife and employee sounds good right?

Well..I was bitterly disappointed *spoiler alert* we can’t do it all…she desperately tried to take on a big career-changing contract, while remaining an attentive mother and wife. After a mere two months she crashed and burned. Even though she was making great progress at work, she hit the rocks with her husband and was continually disappointing her children. So she had a choice to make, of course it was without a doubt her family that took the top spot. Whilst she did not quit her job she could no longer give it 100%, meaning she could no longer climb the corporate ladder.

Granted I knew it would happen, deep down I was still hoping for some magical secret, telling us all how to balance it all, but we can’t. I always give 100% of my efforts while working but when it comes down to it my kids without a fraction of a doubt come first!

I am finally coming to terms with the fact that for my sanity’s sake, I can’t do it all. I am not perfect. I’m not going to climb the corporate ladder and I won’t always have a clean house. But my girls will always be bathed, clothed, fed and very very loved.

So thank you Sarah Jessica Parker, although the realization that I can’t do it all will not stop me trying, it eases the pressure and the disappointment when it doesn’t happen.

But I surely can’t be the only one who wants it all! (Greedy I know) Do you try to get the best of both worlds? Have you actually managed to do it? Would love to hear from you!

Emma x

Top 6 Reason to Start Running

You want to learn to run, but its hard, it hurts, so why do we do it? What drives a person to get up in the morning, throw on their running shoes and go for a run?? Well, here are some of the top reasons Im giving it a go!

1. Your Health – There are far too many aspects of your health running improves for it not to be first on the list. If you have High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol running is the best way to naturally lower both. Running strengthens your joints and bones to help you avoid osteoporosis. Running strengthens the heart and makes sure there is enough blood and oxygen pumping through the body. It boosts your immunity levels and lowers the risk of getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, depression..the list goes on!

2. Stress Less – We all lead busy, stressful lives. Going for a Run is the PERFECT stress relief. People who exercise regularly are generally happier people. Exercise decreases the risk of depression and can ease the symptoms when you are depressed. Stress can bring on so many negative side effects: lack of sleep, depression, illness, lack of concentration and the more stressed you get the worse the side effects get. Running is a release, somewhere to let out all your worries and just feel good about yourself.

3. Lose the KG’s – Running paired with a healthy diet will help you shred the kilos. Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, if you only have 30min to do a workout, going for a nice, hard run will burn the most calories. You will be in those skinny jeans before you know it!!

4. Make Friends – There are no limits to the amount of people you can meet while out for a run. Participating in the K-FiTT Run Club I have met a group of great ladies all with similar goals and aspirations making the running journey that much easier.

5. Help a worthy cause – There is no shortage of Running events that are held to raise money for a worthy cause. I myself have the goal of running the 8km Mothers Day Classic – which raises funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Research. So choose a charity you support and see if you can go the distance!

6. Sleep Well/Live Well – Running has the magical effect of not only helping you sleep better, but boosting your energy levels as well. 30min of moderate-vigorous exercise 3 times a week, could solve your sleep issue and leave you feeling full over energy during the day.

So with all the above how could you not want to create some time for you, throw on some running shoes and… well from there the sky is the limit! Anyone can learn to run, just like riding a bike – practice makes perfect. We don’t jump straight on a bike and ride, we start with training wheels and work our way up. Same goes for running – whether you have never run before or you are a marathon runner training for your next event we all need practice and have a goal to reach for. But with the many ways running can improve your quality of life – you owe it to yourself to give it a go!!

Happy Training!

Emma x

Do you have the support you need?

Do you have the support you need?

It’s so hard to make positive changes when those you are closest to are set in their ways and don’t want to change.

I am surrounded by good influences, my mother as you know is a personal trainer and my father is a keen triathlete so I have people to look to. But at home it’s a different story, my husband loves his fast food and after a long day at work wants nothing more than to sit on the couch and watch TV. These two things can form very bad habits and create a vicious cycle. The worse you eat the less energy you have, the less exercise you do…it goes round and round.

If you have a similar situation whether it be in your house, your work place or your social circle my recommendation would be to approach it straight on. Let the negative influences know your goals, your plans and how important they are too you.

My husband was taught nothing but bad habits from the get go, so it will be a hard journey for him, but he has committed to making these positive changes with me, for the good of our health and our children’s health. For him this is a massive commitment.

We are making small positive changes to work ourselves in to our new healthy lifestyle. Eg.

-On the mornings we know we are starting work later we set the alarm an hour early and do a workout together.

-We sit down once a week and plan our meals for the week.

– We plan, quick, healthy meals (this leaves no excuses to grab fast food on busy days as all meals are quick to prepare and planned in advance)

– Nights that we aren’t working late, we grab the pram and take the girls for a walk around the block.

These are all small steps but put together will make a huge difference to our lives. We can build up on these later but for now we can focus on perfecting each of these small steps.

Another great support is getting your friends on board. Working out with a friend will keep you motivated and on track!

So if your loved ones are standing in your way, let them know! You will be surprised how willing they are to help you along your way. And if they continue to spread their negative vibes, some distance might be the answer!!!

Everyone deserves the chance at a healthy, happy, life!


What’s YOUR motivation?

So we have our goals for this glorious New Year! The next important step is planning how we are going to achieve them. We already have the basics on making our goals reachable, now we have to make a fool proof plan and put it into action! A goal without a plan is like a plant without water – it doesn’t work, and sooner or later it wilts and dies. But that won’t happen to us!

For all those that have similar goals to me you can join me in starting the 28 Day ‘NEW YOU’ Challenge – with the ‘Dream It, Believe It, Do It’ motto it’s perfect to get us started on our road to success.

To many people jump on the fad diet and quick fix bandwagon come new year, the truth is every diet will work…but not for long. So many diets restrict calories, depriving the body of much needed nutrients, and they will often not involve regular physical activity. The short term results may be great, but in the long term you will probably end up weighing more than when you started and being no healthier for it. K-FiTT is all about lifestyle changes, eating the right foods in the right amounts, everything in moderation. And regular physical activity. We don’t do quick fixes, we do hard work for lifetime results.

Which is exactly what I want! A healthy lifestyle that I can model for my girls so they can grow up with these habits set in their daily routines 🙂 we all have our own reasons for wanting to make positive changes. For me I can think of no better reason than to raise my two beautiful girls the healthiest way possible. What’s your reasons/motivation?


What are your goals for the new year?

We are so excited to be sharing our first blog post and being as it is the beginning of the January 2015 (can you believe!) and everyone will be setting their New Years resolutions into play we thought we would talk about Goal Setting!! It also happens to be our monthly focus for January.

I know I have had the same ‘New Years Resolutions’ for well..at least the last 5yrs and have yet to accomplish them…’get organised, increase bank balance, decrease waist line (always manage to get those two mixed up)’ so this year I’m going to set myself up for success instead of Dreaming and not doing!

I believe the keys to achieving your goals are:

  1. Be specific in the goals you set (eg you don’t want to learn to run, you want to be able to run 5k without a break!)

  1. Make yourself accountable – share your goals with friends, family, social media – your much more likely to stick to it if everyone knows what your trying to achieve!

  1. Don’t bombard yourself – if you have a handful of goals start with small changes – when you are comfortabe with the first change and it has become routine, then you can add in another small change. Start small.

  1. Make small goals that lead up to your big goals! Small victories will keep you motivated and on track to reach your main goal.

  1. Reminders – whether you use an inspiration board, post-its etc have reminders everywhere, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, your phone! Place reminders of your goals, whats inspiring you, why you want to achieve them and how they will make you feel when achieved all over so you will never forget 🙂

I’m going to set myself up for success this year and follow ALL of the above!! So my first step is picking my goals and making myself accountable – so I will share them with you! I’m planning on a big year – these are my goals:

  1. Lose 18kg (get back to pre-baby weight!!)
  2. Compete in at least one triathlon
  3. Run 10km
  4. Keep my chaotic house and children organised!
  5. Complete my cert 3+4 in Fitness
  6. Spend more quality time with my girls 🙂

If this list doesn’t keep me busy nothing will!! But I will make small changes, celebrate the small victories on the way and not let myself forget what I’m working towards!

But now it’s your turn! Share with us your New Years Resolutions and let’s see if we cant keep each other on track!

Emma x

Christmas Charity Boxing Bootcamp


Christmas is the time for giving and we at KFiTT Personal Training are getting into the Christmas spirit!

KFiTT will be holding a Charity Boxing Bootcamp – It will be a 1hr Boxing Class, $15 for the session held at Boronia Park Oval, Hunters Hill and ALL proceeds will be going to the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation




We want you to get into the Christmas spirit as well, so dress-up! I want to see an oval filled with boxing Santa’s, Elves and Angels – and I’m sure the Children at the Sydney Childrens Hospital would love to see it too

 All are welcome, the more the merrier!! Help us raise money for this great cause!!

 We will also have a donations box @ every Saturday session in December to collect food, decorations, clothes, toys etc for North Ryde Community AidKFiTT has always supported the North Ryde Community Aid Christmas Appeal and would love to continue our support with your help! So any contribution would be much appreciated

We look forward to seeing you there – Get a great workout, for a great cause!!

Do You Lack Energy?

Today we are going to talk about ‘energy management’.  This is a term that I came across in 2013, and was instantly interested. Energy management? What do you mean? I don’t have boundless energy like I used to in my teenage years and early 20s….Until that discussion I had been finding myself reaching for the strongest caffeinated tea you could find and even dabbled a little with a couple of energy drinks. What did I find?

Funny enough, I was still tired and lacking energy. In fact, I found caffeine started having the opposite effect and I’d be waking up more tired. Why? Well, I am not a scientist or a dietician, but I think the answer is pretty simple. Even though our lives are fast paced and technology never sleeps, and it seems the world is never resting, we are still fundamentally (a result of evolution) an organism that requires rest and recovery! I thought to myself, well….I have plenty of rest. I sit in the car on the way to work, I sit down at night for some television, and I get to bed and sleep for 6-8 hours each night. But I was still tired! What was I missing?

The fix is not easy, and here is my opinion. Truly free your mind and get rest. When watching TV, or so-called ‘doing nothing’, be sure to truly disconnect from ‘mindless’ surfing of gadgets (iPhones / iPads / etc etc etc). Although I thought it was harmless, I was actually winding my brain up…”what can I do next in my business, I should Google how to…., I wonder what my competitors are up to, OMG my friend is doing so much with their life (just check their Facebook profile)”….sound familiar? To me that is not rest, and starts to unravel your energy. Ever woken at 2am or 3am? Again, I am not a doctor, but the only times I have done that is when THERE IS SOMETHING ON MY MIND…..

I thought exercise would cure that, after all apparently exercise is great for stress. All I found is that I had no energy to train hard, or if I did train hard I would have soreness for days. The rest was not doing its trick, and because I was more tired than usual my discipline in my diet was falling by the wayside. My determination was dropping…..I found myself eating bad, drinking a little more than usual, and feeling like I was surviving, not THRIVING…..


What have I done about it, well I have realised that exercise is more important than going through the motions. It is about sense of satisfaction, sense of achievement and truly relieving some stress by having fun! I have learnt to disconnect from the world of apps and technology after a certain time each day. I have also learnt not to take too much on.

(Well I am still learning, it can be a slow process )

So…recommendations from a non doctor/ scientist/ dietician 😉 Enjoy your workouts, and try to make them fun (sounds like a great idea to IMG_0054join KFiTT Bootcamp to me – we are always smiling). Ensure your workouts are balanced and overtraining is avoided (or join Bootcamp where we work all that out for you 😉 ).

Prioritise your day and be honest as to what can be achieved each day. After each day at work, connect with your loved ones (not technology and its modern side effect of voyeurism). And at the end of each day, give yourself some YOU TIME.  As for the caffeine and other stuff in energy drinks….use them for a buzz rather than a daily crutch.

About us. Our trainers, Angela and Kim, are Fitness Professionals who have taken their professionalism, knowledge and commitment to the latest training trends a step further by becoming members of the international Bootcamp Alliance (www.bootcampalliance.com)

Motivation for the New Year!

Welcome to the New Year everyone! Has it all been going to plan as you thought it would? Or, it’s still just not happening?! So enough flapping around, it’s time to put your fitness goals into practice and join us here at Bootcamp.  It is important to understand some of the factors involved in staying motivated and committed to your personal training. Let’s look at some of those factors and how they play out in our Bootcamp fitness class.


Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation in fitness training is your own personal desire to achieve your goals, however there is a catch!  Most of us are human….and with that comes a natural tendency to seek the path of least resistance and conserve our energy. There is only so much you can push yourself….how often do you go to a gym and see many of the gym’s visitors ‘resting’…enough said. This is where extrinsic motivation plays a part in our Bootcamp classes. Extrinsic motivation comes in many forms such as music, races and competitions, or even a friendly instructor knowing what makes you tick. It always feels better to train in a team setting and get the sense of achievement of completing the task as a team.


Goal setting. Linked closely to motivation is goal setting. Goals must be realistic and achievable, otherwise they become lost dreams in a few weeks time. Fitness goals are no different. Write them down, be specific, realistic and set a time frame to achieve the goal. Join a Bootcamp knowing what your goals are. Run a half marathon by the end of year, do a Tough Mudder, or just simply feel better within yourself. At Bootcamp we set team goals and make sure our training caters for everyone so that no one is left behind. We’ll have events scheduled throughout the year to aim towards and KEEP YOU GOING!


Be committed and be realistic. To achieve your goals and resolutions YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED. Don’t wait, sign up to Bootcamp class and commit to achieving your goals. You’ll join a great team and make new friends, we’ll ensure that your goals, interests and motivations are understood, and then our commitment is to ensure your training is realistic and tailored for you. We’ll ensure that your training is structured, progressive and tailored so that you achieve your goals without losing motivation. So….get COMMITTED and joint us now!


About us. Our trainers, Angela and Kim, are Fitness Professionals who have taken their professionalism, knowledge and commitment to the latest training trends a step further by becoming members of the international Bootcamp Alliance (www.bootcampalliance.com)

New Addition to K-FiTT!

Myself and the wonderful members of K-FiTT would love to welcome on board our newest trainer Angela!

Angela has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Sport and fitness is what she looks forward to everyday.

In 2005, Angela completed the Certificate III Group Instructor course with a view to start personal training however her corporate employment didn’t enable her to follow through with it.

In recent years, Angela has had a beautiful set of twins, who have now started school at Villa Maria Hunters Hill and this has given her the opportunity to follow her passion to exercise professionally and help others reach their fitness goals.

Angela has completed her formal training and her qualifications include; Certificate III Gym Instructor and Certificate IV Personal Training with Australian Institute of Fitness.

During her studies, her passion and dedication was also evident to her teachers who awarded Angela the coveted “Champions Award” demonstrating her knowledge, ability and love for the industry.

Angela’s training is highly functional which means that it will not only provide a real metabolic response in the body, it is exercise that has a direct relationship to the activities that you perform in your daily life along with a strong focus on core muscles.

Angela’s goal as a trainer is to guide her clients to ultimate health and happiness with knowledge, education and goal setting to help each individual reach their desired result.

With K-FiTT, Angela aims to provide a community atmosphere with the outdoor group training sessions where all our clients can come along and enjoy the tough but fun training sessions and make some great friends in the process.

Angela will be running our  Saturday morning Bootcamp sessions, as well as 4 week Beginner “Introduction” to Bootcamp classes, and Personal Training to boot!

She is going to be a very busy girl!

If you would like to know more about the new sessions Angela will be providing, be sure to ask!

Charity Bootcamp!!!

Next month K-FiTT Personal Training will be running a Charity Bootcamp with 100% of the funds raised going to The Kid’s Cancer Project.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an Australian charity focused on finding cures for childhood cancer. Ultimately, finding a cure is about saving children’s lives and ending the heartbreak childhood cancer brings to so many families. It is time consuming, painstaking specialist work, and it is an area where more money really does make all the difference. Any donation they receive is a valuable contribution.

So how can you help?


  1. Spread the word! The more the merrier. It’s going to be a fun morning!
  2. Register to participate in the bootcamp by donating the session fee at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/k-fittpt
  3. Or if you can’t do the Bootcamp session, please make a very much appreciated donation at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/k-fittpt


Now the all important details!

When: Saturday April 6th

Time: 7am – 8am

Where: Boronia Park, Park Road, Hunters Hill

Cost: $15 p/p

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me! If you can help in any way on the day, that too would be very much appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

Here is just one child’s story and why we want to help.

Meet Oscar. He’s three and facing the biggest challenge of his life!

**Everyday Hero will be processing all the donations, issuing you tax deductible receipts instantly via email and then will be depositing the money directly to The Kids’ Cancer Project bank account.**