KFiTT Success Stories

Testimonial Picture of Emma Williams (1)
Testimonial Picture of Emma Williams (2)
“Together we can improve our lives and spread the joy of health and happy living!”

Many of you will know Kim – owner/operator of KFiTT Personal Training but with handing of the reigns to myself Im sure many of you are asking how I am going to help you get the results you are after. To do that I would like to tell you briefly about my own journey. The obstacles crossed and the results achieved. The struggle of weight loss and dieting has been a struggle from too young an age. But in Year 9 I managed to get my ‘A’ into ‘G’ and lose 15kg (75kg to 60kg) I felt amazing and managed to keep it off for 6yrs…then I fell pregnant.

Emma Williams
“Meets Everyone's Needs”

… a comfortable, friendly environment with women and it meets everyone needs. You don’t have to be super fit…they work toward it

Jo Gavros
Testimonial Picture of Kathryn Tate (1)
Testimonial Picture of Kathryn Tate (2)
“Thank you to everyone at KFiTT!”

What were your goals when you joined KFiTT?

To lose weight and regain some semblance of fitness (ie. to not puff when I walked up stairs!). Initially I had very modest goals, but throughout the fitness challenges I started setting weight goals (and happily meeting them) and re-directing my goals into longer term, lifestyle changes (both in terms of nutrition and exercise).

 Did KFiTT help you achieve your goals?

Absolutely! All the KFiTT trainers (Kim, Tania and Emma) were very encouraging and supportive, and after a period of time I began the fitness challenges, which was when I started really seeing results. The challenges are fun and the only competition is with yourself, so you can go as easy or hard as you like. I found them a great way to “lift” and motivate myself and they were very informative (the advice around nutrition and daily exercise tips is fab). Even before doing challenges, I loved the team atmosphere at classes and the open, sharing environment. I love that KFiTT caters for all ages, all abilities and helps you define and create goals as you go.

What have you most enjoyed about your KFiTT experience?

Lots! The classes are great – the trainers are professional, well trained, and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Through their persistence and guidance I’ve started doing things I never thought possible (run club for instance!). Other KFiTTers are lovely – very supportive and happy to celebrate everyone’s success and the classes are never competitive or showy. The 6am starts in winter are tough, but the feeling at the end of a class is the best feeling in the world! Thank you to everyone at KFiTT!

Kathryn Tate
“I Really Love It!”

I think that the winning formula with K-FiTT is how individuals have the scope to choose the harder version of the exercise…I have been able to get fit and into shape in a really productive and encouraging environment. I have also had the opportunity to exercise with a great group of ladies and that makes the whole experience so much fun and enjoyable. I also really enjoy the way in which Kim & Emma design the workouts and how they are so encouraging and challenging, at the same time … all with a smile. I really love it!!

Anna Barletta
“A New Found Love For Exercise”

I’d never worked with a PT before so I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but Kim very quickly got me comfortable with the exercises and had me progressing quickly…I wanted to gain weight and that’s exactly what I did but I also got stronger, fitter, I slept better and have discovered a new found love for exercise.

Alex Narel
“I have definition now!”
How have you benefited from working with KFiTT?

The biggest benefit for me is feeling so much better, inside and out.  My body has changed and is more toned and tight.  I have definition now!  I have more energy too.  I’ve realised that exercising at the crack of dawn or at dusk actually gives me a boost.

If you were to describe KFiTT to your best friend, what would you say.

KFiTT is a group of like-minded women who enjoy exercising with each other…in the park.  We’re a friendly bunch of people who all want to get fit and feel good.  

How did KFiTT contribute to your success?

KiTT Trainers (Kim, Emma and Tania) actually make a workout enjoyable.  The exercises vary – its never boring.  Having personal help means that I am doing exercises correctly and getting the most out if it.  Being able to join Challenges as well as checking my measurements and stats on a regular basis keeps me motivated and on track.   Love it! 

“'it's like my second little family..'”

There is no better way to start my day than at bootcamp with K-FiTT 🙂 it’s like my second little family and always have support from everyone to reach my personal goals.


It is great for strength training, and KFiTT is great at providing a varied program. The results are seen relatively quickly and with limited pain 🙂

Brooke Keppie